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WATCH: ‘I think that’s the way we need to go’: Riddell’s big call on NRL expansion

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Mark Riddell is urging the NRL to shift existing teams rather than creating two new franchises as the league look to expand the game’s footprint.

In an interview on Nine’s 100% Footy on Monday, NRL CEO Todd Greenberg re-emphaised their priority in continuing to grow and re-invent itself.

And Riddell concurred, telling Macquarie Sports Radio he’d like to see existing teams in Sydney moved rather than diluting the talent pool.

“I think we’ve got to relocate teams,” he said.

“There’s far too many teams in Sydney moving forward into the future, everyone talks about the corporate dollar and attracting sponsors and the reality is there’s too many teams.

“Our game can’t handle the spread of talent across 18 teams with two new franchises.

“Sydney is so dominated by teams that we need to move (some).

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Riddell said Perth’s unique timezone and lack of Rugby Union franchise as competition made it a prime candidate to house a relocated team.

“It’s ripe to go that we get a team for the TV broadcasters,” he said.

“The time slot fits perfectly, we need a team in Perth and we need a new team in Brisbane.

“People might not like it but I think that’s the way we need to go.”

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