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‘I thought ‘maybe I don’t want to play first grade’: Darryl Brohman

Rugby League Premiership winner and cult icon Darryl “The Big Marn” Brohman has opened up on his life and career as part of David Morrow’s Heroes segment on Macquarie Sports Radio.

In a fascinating interview the 2GB commentator revealed that immediately after he was told he would make his first grade debut he reconsidered.

It came about in the early 1970s when he was playing for Norths in the Brisbane Rugby League Premiership.

“I got a call from [Norths coach] Bob Bax. I’d just started playing Under-18s and out of the blue he rang home and I thought ‘this can’t be real’. He actually asked my parents if I’d like to play first grade the next weekend,” Brohman said.

“I thought ‘of course I do’. But then after I agreed to it, I sat down and thought about and thought ‘maybe I don’t’. Because we were playing Wests that weekend and John Sattler had gone to Brisbane in those days and he was playing for Wests.

“And after a little while I realised that I’d be playing against Sattler and I really didn’t want to be out there.

“But to his credit [Sattler] was very good to me. As luck would have it I think the next year he came to Norths so I ended up playing with him and Tommy Bishop in the same side. It was incredible.”

To listen to the full interview which covers everything from his playing career for Penrith and Canterbury to his time in the commentary box and on TV, click play below.