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“I was never a fan of it in the first place”: Simon Hill slams VAR after latest controversy

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Fox Football commentator Simon Hill says the A-League needs to treat its referees better.

The latest in a string of VAR controversies in the A-League this season came last night, where the ball appeared to clearly strike Wellington’s Louis Fenton inside the penalty area during their matchup against Sydney FC.

Rather than opting to intervene and correct the decision, the VAR upheld the on-field referee’s original call.

Hill said there was a “cultural problem” in Australian football when it came to discussion around officiating.

“This VAR is a turkey,” he told Breakfast.

“I was never a fan of it in the first place – the problem with football is the rules aren’t black or white.

“If you don’t have black and white rules, how can you have definitive decisions, even with 50 or 60 replays.

He said that football “was fighting a losing battle” in the quest to stamp out all referee mistakes.

“Let’s all just accept humans are going to make mistakes because humans do,” he said.

“I was at the Newcastle game last night – fans are now taking banners (to the game) with referees names on it.

“The referees are more well known than the players.”

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