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‘I would put a team in Tasmania before the Northern Territory ‘ – Mick Warner

Herald Sun AFL journalist Mick Warner believes that if the AFL was going to expand, it cannot leave Tasmania hanging again, pleading for the southern most Australian city to get a team over the Northern Territory in any expansion plans.

Mick believes that the AFL maybe should have considered it before bringing the Suns and Giants in, but maintained the Giants have been a roaring success in the AFL.

“The Giants are far and away the best expansion side we have seen, even though they are a year younger than the Suns. That goes to people like Kevin Sheedy they got the right people on the ground from day one, and that is what its about.”

When it came to discussing who should be next, Mick believes that Tasmania is the next frontier to be conquered, more so than the Northern Territory.

“I don’t know if you can play football all year round in the NT. I think Tasmania needs to come first to be honest. Tasmania deserve to be ahead of the NT as the next club into the AFL.”

The issues for the AFL, according to Warner are “do the AFL want a start up club in Tasmania, when North Melbourne are pretty established there at the moment. North could play up to six or seven games a season in Tasmania.

It is a story that wont go away in AFL circles, with many believing that Tasmania has been overlooked for far too long, and deserve a team in the state, even despite the apparant North/South divide, which seems the only stumbling block in Tasmania’s bid at the moment.


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