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‘I wouldn’t have blinked if he’d been given a week for it’: Former AFL umpire on the Daisy Thomas fine


The AFL are taking a stance against the abuse of umpires in their sport, fining players for offensive behaviour and sending ‘please explain’s’ to clubs for inappropriate behaviour by their fans directed at the game officials.

Carlton recieved a letter from the AFL asking them to explain an incident between their cheer-squad and an umpire that happened off-field, while Carlton player Dale Thomas was given a $7,500 fine from the Tribunal for calling an umpire a cheat.

This follows the Sydney Swan’s Dane Rampe incident last week, where Rampe was fined $10,000 ($5,000 suspended) for telling an umpire he calls like “a little girl.”

Former AFL umpire Derek Humphery-Smith told Macquarie Sports Radio Drive that abuse from the crowd is a common occurrence for umpires.

“It’s all part and parcel of stepping on the field with a whistle,” Humphery-Smith told Matt Granland and David Schwarz.

“It’s generally water off a duck’s back. You very rarely hear anything individually targeting you.”

Humphery-Smith also acknowledges that banter between umpires and players is part of the game, however Carlton player Dale Thomas calling an umpire a cheat in their 93-point loss to GWS on Sunday overstepped the mark.

“Any suggestion that somebody is not acting impartially or as fairly as possible, that is the worst thing you can say to an umpire.”

Humphery-Smith believes the $7,500 fine Thomas received at the tribunal is fitting for the charge.

“I think it was such a serious thing to say in 2019 that it was deserving of a week. I wouldn’t have blinked if he’d been given a week off for it.”

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