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Ian Chappell gives his verdict on Aaron Finch’s Test future

The question on every Australian cricket fans mind is what to do with the batting order

After another horror show for the Australian top 6 debate has raged as to whether the selector stick with the current batting line up or make changes ahead of the second Test.

Former Australian Cricket captain and Macquarie Sports Radio commentator Ian Chappell weighed into the debate on the breakfast show this morning with Mark Levy and Mark Riddell saying, “I don’t see much point in picking a guy for one test and then you either drop him or in the case of Finch you pick him as an opener one game then you start pushing him down the order”

“The other thing about moving Finch down the order is it’s not like you’re going to move him from opening to number 3. You’re going to push him right down into the middle order. That then means a hell of a lot of changes and I don’t think that’s the right way to go.”, Chappell continued.

It’s not just the the disruption to the Australian team that concerns Chappell, “Then you also send a message to India that we’re not very happy and we’re worried about this and we’re worried about that. So i’d be keeping the same order”

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