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Ian Chappell: Harsher penalties for sledging have come too late

The ICC committee’s recommendation that harsher penalties be handed down for cricket sledging is seen as the obvious way to go, according to former Australia Test captain Ian Chappell. The problem is, it should have been done a long time ago!

As far as Chapelli is concerned, the measures should have come in 15 years ago before we got to the situation we’re faced with now.

“Players aren’t stupid. They realise that once you bring in bigger penalties, they realise they need to stop,” Chappell told Nights with Julian King.

The point of getting rid of the traditional coin toss was bandied about by the ICC, but it seems it’s here to stay. The reason for potentially getting rid of it? To prevent home teams from influencing how pitches are prepared in order to suit them.

Chappell says “It should be left to the curator” with regards to how the pitch is prepared. “Others should be told to butt out”.

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