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Ian Prendergast endorses player policy, disappointed with public discussion

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Rugby League Players Association CEO Ian Prendergast has endorsed the NRL’s current policy on player behaviour amid recent criticsm.

The Rugby League commission will meet on Thursday to decide a range of matters, with the possibility of banning players who are convinced for serious crimes on the top of the agenda.

Prendergast told Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast the currently policy should be respected, regardless of the outcome of today’s meeting in Sydney.

“We need to make clear there’s no place for violence against women in society, let alone Rugby League,” he said.

“If we were to shift the policy and stand a player down, we’re in dangerous territory.

“We’re making that decision with the same set of facts that are before the courts and we’ve been concerned about the public debate given the very real potential to prejudice the party’s right to a fair hearing.

He said the players body was disappointed with the public discourse around player behaviour after a commitment was made to keeping sensitive discussions behind closed doors.

“We thought there was a commitment to refrain from debating this publicly because of how sensitive the matter is,” he said.

“From our point of view, we’ve been disappointed in the process but remain committed to it to provide some perspective from a players point of view.

“We’ve been reluctant to do it but it’s necessary to try add some balance in the conversation that’s occurred publicly given how much public sentiment seems to be driving the considerations around this policy.

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