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‘If you say anything derogatory to minority groups, you’re out’: Why sport and religion don’t mix


Plenty of things don’t mix well. Oil and water. Toothpaste and orange juice.

But what about sport and religion?

In the modern world where where strive to be inclusive while doing what we can to stamp out out discrimination, are religious beliefs incompatible with being part of a professional sporting franchise?

“In my book, and it’s just me, it’s just too risky, if team harmony is any kind of priority,” Drive host Mark Allen said.

“If you have half and half, that’s fine, but if you have players speaking out on social media and that is offending the other half of the team, I don’t think we can do it any more,

“I think it’s cooked.”

Co-host David ‘Ox’ Schwarz agrees and says any kind of derogatory conduct – regardless of its basis in faith – cannot be tolerated.

“I don’t think anyone cares what kind of religion you are, you could be a scientologist, a Christian, an Athiest, a nation of Yahweh – you could follow anything you want to follow, but when you start preaching to the masses when you’re in a high profile position and you’re representing your sport… it’ll be frowned upon,

“The code of conduct says you cannot discriminate against minority groups, and that is the basis of what Izzy Folau has broken when he promised he wouldn’t, and that will be the reason why his contract will be torn up.”

“If you say anything derogatory to minority groups, you’re out.”

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