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‘If you’re that desperate to change it…’: The Ox’s idea for an AFL logo overhaul

Rivers of gold flow into the AFL’s coffers, the game is loaded. Filthy rich. It’s the wealthiest sport in Australia.

Despite this, grassroots footy is struggling financially in areas of the sport’s heartland. Some clubs fold, others are forced to amalgamate. Entire local football leagues are under constant financial pressure and are pleading cap-in-hand to the AFL for a little bit of help with the folding stuff.

This point was made abundantly clear by AFL legend Tony Shaw on Macquarie Sports Radio earlier today.

In response, what does the AFL do?

Spends more than six-figures on a team of designers tasks with giving the 20-year-old logo a facelift.

“Let’s think about this logically, because we need to look at this really simplistically,” The Ox begins.

“Is it outdated? I don’t think logos get outdated. The McDonalds arches have been around a long time, they’re not outdated, are they?

“Coca-Cola, beautiful logo, been there a long, long time.

“There are so many great brands across the planet that don’t adjust, they’re timeless, and the AFL logo is one of those.

The Ox argues it’s unnecessary to drop six-figure sums on graphic designers and offers up a novel alternative.

“Put it out to the public, make a donation to winning design, give the person or school or club a hundred grand,

“Run a competition and come up with a logo if you’re that desperate to change it.”

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