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“I’m extremely lucky to be even walking” – Top jockey opens up on horrific injuries

Dual Melbourne Cup winning jockey Corey Brown says he’s likely to miss more than a year of racing after a horror fall that could easily have left him in a wheelchair.

Brown told Macquarie Sports Radio, “Everyone that’s seen the x-rays and the CAT scans say that I’m extremely lucky to be even walking.”

The Lexus Australia Ambassador fell from Lord Arthur in the Queensland Derby in June and suffered terrible injuries.

“It’s very unusual but I broke my first rib – which is underneath my collarbone and I punctured a lung,” Brown said.

“I shattered my T7 [vertebra] and also damaged my eighth and my sixth [vertebrae].

“I’ve got two plates and eight screws in my back.

“It’s extremely uncomfortable but I’m very very lucky.”

The top hoop also revealed a likely time frame for his return.

“I went to the spine specialist here a couple of weeks ago – Dr Andrew Cree,” Brown said.

“He won’t take the pins and the rods out of my back for another six months at least.

“We’re looking at April or May to take them out providing everything goes OK and I’ll be back in the saddle probably two to three months after that.

“They said that the holes will fill up quite quickly once the screws are taken out.

“If it takes a few extra months to get back in the saddle so be it.

“I can’t wait to get back. I’m itching to get back.”

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