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Imran Khan elected Prime Minister

Legendary Pakistani fast bowler Imran Khan is set to become the country’s next Prime Minister, after his party secured the most seats at the general election.

Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI) is expected to form a coalition government after winning 109 of the 269 contestable seats at this week’s election. It ran on a platform of ending corruption in the nation’s political system.

Politics has been a keen interest of Khan’s since his retirement from international cricket in the early 90s, but only recently has he been considered a genuine contender for the top job.

Monumental though his achievement is, Imran Khan will be tasked with uniting a nation that has as fractured a political history as any in the region. Only once before has a civilian government in Pakistan peacefully handed power to another civilian government, without military intervention or a coup, after serving a full term.

During his career, Khan took 362 Test wickets for Pakistan at an average of 22.81. He also scored six Test centuries with the bat and played a key role in Pakistan’s victory at the 1992 One Day World Cup.

Khan is regarded as one of Pakistan’s greatest ever cricketers. By the end of his career, he had taken more than 1,200 first class wickets.

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