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Incoming Brisbane Heat coach calls for shorter BBL season

Darren Lehman, Brisbane Heat’s foundation coach, will be returning to mentor the side next BBL season and he has some constructive advice on how momentum can be maintained in a series which ran out of puff towards the end of the season.

“Cut it down in terms of days, I think it was too long last year, I think we all say that, everyone who knows the game,” Lehmann tells David Morrow and Mat Thompson.

“I think you’ll find Cricket Australia and the BBL will change that, they’ll bring it down to a week or so less which will be better for everyone involved.”

In the space of just two years the BBL has expanded from a 35-game season to a full 59-game home-and-away league. Cricket Australia are opening to shortening the season but not to reducing the number of games, meaning we can expect more double headers and creative scheduling next summer.

While a tighter format will help focus the attention of fans, Lehmann believes more work must be done to ensure the BBL remains an attractive destination for the world’s T20 superstars, many of whom have become white ball mercenaries.

“We’ve got to make it really attractive for overseas players because there are other leagues going on and we’ve got to make sure that they’re available for the whole tournament,” Lehmann said.

“It’s hard at the moment because you normally get a player available for half of the tournament and very rarely do you get one available for the whole tournament.

“They’ve got to look at ways around that and if that means getting the salary cap up, lessening the tournament, making it easier for those guys to come in and out, then it makes it a better spectacle for the fans.

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