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Marko and Ox dumbfounded by ‘the most stupid decision we’ve ever seen from the AFL tribunal’


The reduction of Dustin Martin’s suspension from two games to one has raised the ire of leading footy pundits who question whether the AFL’s tribunal process has been dangerously compromised.

Martin was initially given a two week ban by Match Review Officer Michael Christian for a behind the play elbow to Giants opponent Adam Kennedy’s head.

Speaking on Drive, Mark Allen wonders whether this is “the most stupid decision we’ve ever seen from the AFL tribunal.”

Martin’s off the ball elbow ranks among Drive co-host David ‘Ox’ Schwarz’s most detested acts.

“There are two things on the football field which I think are disgusting,” Ox begins.

“The behind the play incident, where a player is not expecting it, and the elbow, I hate the elbow, it is a really nasty piece of weaponry that can cause some damage,

“You’re a hundred metres off the ball, the player has every right to feel protected because he’s not a part of the ongoing play at the time,

For comparison, Ox cites the ugly incident from last season where an Andrew Gaff jumper-punch-gone-wrong broke the jaw of Angus Brayshaw. Gaff was suspended for 8 weeks.

“If Andrew Gaff does not break [Angus Brayshaw’s] jaw and he just gets back up, he probably gets two or three weeks, which is wrong again,

“It’s got to be the action and not the result of the injury,” he said.

The question now becomes whether the AFL is prepared to appeal the decision. Can the governing body accept their own tribunal’s decision to overrule a judgement from the Match Review Officer who was exercising a discretionary power developed for situations exactly like this?

“To me this is just madness what is happening here,” Marko said.

“Who’s running the show? Gil [McLachlan], Steve [Hocking], you’re sitting on your hands boys, people hate behind the play incidents.”

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