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Is it time to remove Margaret Court’s name from the arena which bears it?

Legendary Australian tennis player Margaret Court has thrown her support behind controversial Rugby star Israel Folau and says he’s being “persecuted” for his religious beliefs.

“Your heart goes out to him,” Court said in an interview with 3AW.

“He has spoken something from the Bible and he’s being persecuted for it.”

Court attracted a similar level of condemnation as Folau for comments she made about gay marriage and transgender people when she announced she would avoid flying Qantas in protest of the airline’s promotion of same-sex marriage.

Speaking on Drive, Mark Allen and David ‘Ox’ Schwarz reignited calls to remove Margaret Court’s name from the arena which bears it.

“I think I’m done with Margaret,” Marko said.

“I think in today’s age, with the values that she has, I think it’s time for Margaret’s name to come down and personally, I’d like to see Evonne Goolagong’s name go up.”

Ox argues that comments infused with religious ideology from people like Folau and Court “do more damage than good,”

“I just don’t get why they have to push their whole belief system on to everybody, let people have their choice and in the process, don’t go around hurting minority groups,” he said.

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