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‘It is frustrating that we focus so much on technique in Cricket’ – Peter Handscomb wants to let his cricket do the talking

Peter Handscomb has copped plenty of criticism of his techinique throughout the summer, with the Victorian skipper being dropped after the Adelaide test, missing out on his home MCG test match before returning for the SCG test with what looked like a new technique.

Handscomb spoke with Rohan Connolly on Sunday night and said he cannot stand the talk around technique in cricket and just wants people to focus on his run scoring abilities throughout the summer.

“It is frustrating, annoying and it is disappointing as well that people think there is just one way to bat or just one correct technique. There are so many different techniques out there and guys are still making heaps of runs.”

Handscomb believes that people can sometimes focus too much on technique in cricket and not focusing on what that person is trying to accomplish with their technique.

“I think we can focus too much on peoples techniques sometimes instead of thinking about what they are trying to work on and how they are trying to score runs.”

Handscomb did discuss his technique though, sighting his ability to cut the ball and his solid back foot defense as reasons for batting so deep in the crease.

“I setup deep in the crease because I think my back foot defense is a strength of mine and generally in test cricket, the bowler is trying to hit the top of off stump so if I stand further back I get more access to my back foot defense. Also, I have a pretty strong cut shot, so I can take on the cut a bit more from deeper in the crease.”

Handscomb has been left out of the squad for the two test series against Sri Lanka starting on Thursday. He performed well in the recent ODI series and looks set to be in England for the upcoming World Cup.

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