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‘It is looking more likely he doesn’t play in the AFL again next season’ – Lloyd on Brendon Goddard

Matthew Lloyd is one of Essendon’s greatest ever players and believes Brendon Goddard’s AFL career might be over after the Bombers did not offer the 333 game veteran another contract.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast Lloyd believes the Bombers were right to not re sign Goddard and look ahead to the future of the club.

“I think they have made the right decision, you look at Aaron Francis on the weekend, he was really great. He is another guy that will play in that position. Unfortunately there are others going ahead of him in the side. ”

The Bombers champion was full of praise for Aaron Francis who looks set to play Goddard’s role next season, saying the 21-year-old “should play 22 games next season.”

“Francis has a tremendous amount of talent, and if he is fully fit, he plays 22 games next season.

Lloyd believes Goddard was good for Essendon over his 129 games for the Bombers and believes he is genuinely loved at the club.

“He was very, very good for them. I watched the announcement yesterday, when Michael Hurley got up and spoke, you could see that the players loved Brendon. They haven’t seen a guy demand so much from other players.”

Lloyd said Goddard’s resilience was the best part of his time at Essendon, after coming into the club when they were in the midst of the drug saga.

“He came in at a tough time and he took on the captaincy, he took charge and he was like a big brother to the players out there to all those junior Essendon players. He won the best and fairest that year too.”

Lloyd found it odd that the Gold Coast had ruled themselves out of the race to sign Goddard, believing they would have been the perfect fit.

“Gold Coast, with their lack of senior experienced players would have been a perfect fit, I am not sure why they wouldn’t sign him up. He would be able to play that Luke Hodge role up there.”


When asked if Brendon Goddard would find a new home next season, Lloyd wasn’t so sure…

“For me it is looking more likely he doesn’t play again next year at AFL level, as disappointing as that is.


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