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‘It is the most disgraceful punishment ever given for any act on any footy field’

Former NRL player Pat Politoni has been suspended for just three weeks after pleading guilty to throwing an outrageous haymaker which knocked out an opponent during a Queensland Intrust Super Cup match.

Politoni, a former Cronulla, Gold Coast and Wests Tigers hooker who now plays for the Burleigh Bears, ignited an all in brawl when he threw a brutal right hook which connected with the jaw of Michael Parker-Walshe of the Townsville Blackhawks.

Drive hosts Mark Allen and David ‘Ox’ Schwarz are dumbfounded that a shocking act of violence was met with such leniency at the tribunal.

“Society is sick of this garbage around the place, in the streets, and sport has to be the leader when it comes to this sort of stuff,” Allen said.

“Surely any Rugby League competition cannot be serious dishing out a three week suspension,”

“It was as big a punch as you will ever see anywhere, in any sport, count boxing and UFC.”

The Ox is astounded, saying “It is the most disgraceful punishment ever given to any act on any footy field.”

West Coast Eagles midfielder Andrew Gaff was handed an 8-match suspension last year after throwing a left handed punch which broke the jaw of Andrew Brayshaw, leaving the Fremantle youngster unable to eat solid food for a month.

Way back in 2004, Melbourne Storm thug Danny Williams threw one of the most vicious punches ever witness in Rugby League history, knocking out Wests Tigers player Mark O’Neill. Williams was handed an 18-game ban and was never seen in the NRL again.

The AFL and NRL have cracked down on punching in a bid to stamp violence out of the game. Both codes issue lengthy suspensions to players who are stupid enough to punch an opponent rarely, if ever, are they treated leniently at the tribunal, regardless of whether they plead guilty or not.

And yet Pat Politoni cops a mere three weeks?

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