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“It just shows a flaw in technique”: Jeff Thomson questions modern day batsman

Australian Cricketing Legend Jeff Thomson has questioned the technique and preparation of modern day batsman after another Ashes day full of wickets.

After sixteen wickets fell on Day Two of the Third Ashes Test at Headingley, Australia’s most lethal fast bowler, ‘Thommo’, believes modern day batsman are not meeting the standards of Test Cricket.

“I think they’re nervous. They’re used to being flat track bullies and all of a sudden they can’t do that so now they’re thinking, ‘well what do I do now? They’ve had to learn a different game”, Thommo told the Cricket Show.

“I’m not being sarcastic here but it’s just bad technique against quick bowling and they haven’t had to put up with it until now, and now all of sudden it’s an issue.”

With short format Cricket already on the rise, Thommo, who took 200 wickets for Australia, says that we are already seeing it have a negative effect on the performance of batsman at Test level.

“I mean England picked this side on twenty -games and limited over cricket. They go out there and they don’t know how to play anything else. I mean what about the shots we saw today?”

“Even with us, they’re playing like millionaires. They’re chasing wide balls and it just shows a flaw in technique.”

“But what will happen is that they won’t even worry about it because twenty-twenty is taking over. They will just go away from this, score some runs in twenty-twenty and forget what they did here.”

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