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‘It makes me sick’: Buzz Rothfield blasts racist trolls

Daily Telegraph sports editor Phil ‘Buzz’ Rothfield has slammed the ‘horrific’ racist abuse leveled at two of Rugby League’s biggest names.

Both Latrell Mitchell and Blake Ferguson have been subjected to online abuse in the past few days, with the NRL set to investigate.

Rothfield told Macquarie Sports Radio it was time for police to get involved.

“It’s been absolutely horrific,” he said.

“To think people would even criticise the indigenous players, it makes me sick to be completely honest.

“Latrell Mitchell is such a wonderful person to have in our game, he’s strong and spectacular and it’s the same with Blake Ferguson.

“Long term, there needs to be police charges involved in all of this.”

“It’s just so out of order.”

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Image: Jason McCawley/Getty Images