‘It probably changed the game’: Chad Townsend after being decked by Dallin

Cronulla Sharks halfback Chad Townsend learned that messing with one meant messing with the whole family.

The Watene-Zelezniaks, in this case.

Townsend’s late shot on Malakai Watene-Zelezniak earned an immediate rebuke from younger brother Dallin, who responded in kind and put the Sharks half on his derrière.

Speaking on Breakfast, Chad Townsend said the incident didn’t faze him.

“I thought [Malakai] was going to run the ball and he passed it,” Townsend explains.

“And when I was going back to the defensive line I copped a bit of a knock out of the blue, and I just remained calm because I knew I wasn’t going to bite back, obviously that’s not legal in the game,

“Turned out to be our penalty and it probably changed the game to be honest.”

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