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‘It was disgraceful’ Stuart MacGill on Smith, Warner and Bancroft ban

Former test spinner Stuart MacGill has weighed in on the debate over the ball tampering incident that has divided the public.

MacGill  told Halftime with James Willis he thought the length of the bans were “Disgraceful”


When questioned on whether ball tampering has gone on before, under previous Australian Cricket Captains,  MacGill said that we would be naive to think it doesn’t regularly happen.

‘I can guarantee you that in most cricket teams from U17’s upwards , in  every single cricket playing nation on the planet, bowlers and batsmen that are in the field are trying to manipulate the ball’


‘The problem that I’ve got, is that if you cross the line, the punishment is the same as if you have taken drugs, as if you’ve fixed a match, as if you have been involved in spot fixing, and that for me, is totally unreasonable’

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