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Ben Ikin has unloaded on the Broncos/Rabbitohs coaching fiasco

Preseason is back and underway for many NRL sides and still there has been no resolution to the coaching fiasco that currently holds up the 2019 preparation of the Brisbane Broncos and the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

With Wayne Bennett and Anthony Seibold set to perform a coaching swap of sorts for the 2020 season there have been attempts by both clubs to make it happen a year early. The main obstruction to an early coaching swap between the Broncos and Rabbitohs is Wayne Bennett.

Speaking on the Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast show, former Broncos star and host of Fox Sports NRL 360 Ben Ikin weighed in on the debate, “It’s a circus. Look I don’t know what Wayne is playing at or where the Broncos are at. All I know is the clubs are in very different situations. Wayne Bennett has been coaching for a long time and had much success and my personal position is, thinking back on my playing days, if Wayne Bennett is coming to your club you’re pretty damn excited. If he’s staying at your club you’re pretty damn excited. Whereas Anthony Seibold has only had one year in the job, albeit was pretty successful, Wayne holds the cards here.”

“Wayne knows that so he’s in a position of strength so right now I think wherever they land next year will almost be completely determined by the supercoach.” Ikin added.

Ikin thinks that Bennett has positioned himself well to make sure whatever the outcome, it will be in his favour, “Wayne Bennett has played this perfectly with respect to the fact that he has made it clear he never wanted to leave Brisbane he’s been forced out. The players have all gone on record as saying they always wanted him to stay beyond 2019. So if Bennett ends up in Brisbane next year I don’t think there’s an issue. Wayne will just focus on coaching that team and those players will play for him. The same can’t be said for Anthony Seibold.”

There’s no doubt in Ikins mind who the loser is in this situation, “I think South Sydney hurt more in all of this than Brisbane do. I think it’s a win win for Wayne, Brisbane and if he ends up at South Sydney next year I think they get a boost.”

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