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‘It’s a smart move’ controlled flares at A-League games

Grant Muir the spokesperson for ‘The Cove’ Sydney FC’s supporter group told Mornings on Macquarie Sports Radio that controlled use of flares to be trialed during the A-League’s first month of the season to attract fans is a smart move.

Muir said, “It’s something that we as a supporters group have been agitating for – along with other supporters groups – for quite some time. It’s something that’s been done in other countries successfully.

“It helps address the desire that active supporters have; to have that European-style atmosphere without putting people at risk.”

However he echoed the backlash from the footballing fraternity at the reports that they are set to mimic much of the game day atmosphere that the Big Bash has implemented successfully.

Music and lights would be used during goal kicks and corners to amp up the entertainment levels.

“Have you ever heard anybody say ‘Oh, I’m going to go see a sport because they play nice music in between the action'”, Muir said.

“Honestly, I don’t know where these focus groups come from. I don’t know what marketing idiots they used to find these people who they believe say these things… but there’s nothing about what they’ve described that has anything to do with the traditions, values and attractiveness of football as a spectator sport. Absolutely nothing.”

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