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“It’s becoming an absolute joke”: 5-time Premiership winner on Cotric’s send off

5-time NRL Premiership winner Glenn Lazarus has blasted the referees for sending off Nick Cotric during the Raiders’ thumping of the Dragons.

Cotric tackled St George-Illawarra’s Tim Lafai who ended up going head first into the ground.

Thankfully Lafai wasn’t seriously injured, but Cotric was still given his marching orders with 21 minutes left to play.

However speaking to David Morrow and Tony Leonard on Macquarie Sports Radio, Lazarus was fired up about the inconsistency of the way the games are being refereed.

“You’ve got to be frustrated with the way they’re handling these games. It’s an absolute lottery. Every week, every game is an absolute lottery of what you’re going to get when it comes to the referees”, Lazarus said.

“The frustration for me is why time and time again some blokes get sent off or sin binned or penalised and other times there’s nothing. Absolutely nothing.

“It’s becoming an absolute joke.”

Cotric has been charged with a grade-three dangerous throw meaning he would miss 3 or 4 matches unless he challenges it at the judiciary and is successful.

Canberra coach Ricky Stuart was also critical of the decision in a fiery post match press conference that involved a terse response with a journalist. Lazarus backed Stuart’s sentiments.

“The issue for me is the consistency. Whether it’s a send off offence or not, we’ve had grubs eye gouge, we’ve had high shots as Ricky mentioned, we’ve had all these other incidences that could have warranted send offs yet they don’t do it. Why this particular one?”, Lazarus said.

“That journalist saying ‘how does it look if kids are watching?’ again that’s society. We’re all worried about what other people think. They’re friggin’ footballers going out there and playing a very very physical game. Things like that are going to happen.

“Nick Cotric is one of the nicest blokes I have ever met. It was never ever an intentional thing.

“Ricky’s right. The referees are like deer in the headlights. They do not know what’s going on.”

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Phil “Gus”Gould spoke about the same incident on Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast with Piggy, Levy & Jimmy, saying that he didn’t think it was a send off offence.

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