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‘It’s Lynnsanity’- Chris Lynn reveals shock move to overcome injury battles

He’s the master-blaster from Queensland which bowling line-ups around the world fear, but his long-running injury battle is what’s holding Chris Lynn back from reaching his full potential.

Lynn’s ability to get on the field has been heavily impacted by a history of shoulder injuries – which some say can be attributed to his will to swing at every ball.

He’s been in outstanding form in the JLT after coming off a massive 106 not out from just 71 balls in Queensland’s seven-wicket victory over South Australia on Tuesday.

It was rumoured Lynn had a ‘no diving’ ban imposed on him to protect his dodgy shoulders, but Lynn admitted it’s his own doing.

“It’s not official, I’ve done it myself,” Lynn said.

“It’s tough because I’m so competitive and I want to chase the ball and dive for that ball just to save one or two more runs.

“It burns on the inside knowing that I can’t dive.

“It’s really awkward to fall/slap the ball and keep it in front of me, I’m getting there, but it is awkward.

“If I let through a four, it just means I’ve got to make up more with the bat, so that’s what motivates me.

“But at the end of the day I’m still on the field and I’d rather be playing at 80% than not be playing at all.”

Lynn – who first made his name in T20 cricket has a career Domestic T20 average of over 33 and a breathtaking strike rate of just under 145.

The 28-year-old missed out on selection for the Australian ODI and T20 tours earlier this year, but will continue to press his claims as Queensland play Western Australia in their next JLT Cup match on Friday at Hurstville Oval.

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