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‘It’s Micky Mouse mate’: Olympic Breakdancing makes Marko’s head spin


B-Boys and fly girls, put your hands in the air…

Or how about we don’t, Bomfunk MC’s, as the act of raising one’s hands in the air a joyous celebration and surely breakdancing as an Olympic sport should be denounced, not celebrated.

The International Olympic Committee voted on Tuesday in favour of a proposal that could bring breaking, another word for breakdancing, to the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

Pierre de Coubertin is spinning in his grave – and not in a radical way.

“I reckon it would be hard to find anybody over the age of 40 who thinks the Olympic movement hasn’t lost its way, this is becoming a serious joke,” Drive host and former pro-golfer (a real sport) Mark Allen said.

“Golf, tennis, artistic swimming, rugby, I don’t think there’s a place in the Olympics for these sports, it’s not what it’s about, and not the proposed skateboard, sports climbing and breakdancing – they’re going to become Olympic sports, I guarantee it,

“It’s Micky Mouse mate, what is happening to the Olympics is disgusting,”

The Ox, a self-proclaimed rap dancer from the late 70s and early 80s, says the X-Games is the perfect vehicle for “hip and new” sports like breakdancing and suggest the Olympic movement is focused on one thing: money.

“I think the Olympics now can be bought, if you’ve got enough money and enough influence at the right levels, you can get any sport in,

“Why isn’t darts in? I’d prefer darts.”

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