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“It’s probably the low-light of my career” – Luke Ricketson

Tonight the NRL Judiciary will decide the fate of the games greatest ever fullback, Billy Slater, as he seeks clearance to play in the NRL Grand Final on Sunday

The most debated issue in Rugby League this week is whether Slater should be suspended for the final game of his career, the Grand Final, for his shoulder charge on Sosaia Feki in the 14th minute of the Storms Preliminary Final against the Sharks on Friday Night.

A man with experience in being suspended for an NRL Grand Final is former Roosters Skipper Luke Ricketson. Ricketson missed out on the biggest game of the year in 2004 after failing to get a striking charge downgraded.

Speaking with Mark Levy and Mark Riddell on the Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast show, Ricketson opened up on the pain of missing a Grand Final saying, “No doubt it’s probably the low-light of my career.”

Ricketson laid blame squarely on the NRL for what he sees is a rule that needs to be changed, “From a fans perspective you’ve got to blame the NRL for this. The rules need to change but they need to change in an off season. The rules committee need to get together and they need to do something about it but unfortunately where at this point of the season where the rules are in place.”

On Billy Slater’s chances of playing in the Grand Final Ricketson said, “I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out because he’s got to get completely exonerated from using his shoulder. So if they’ve got the ability to do that i’ll be a bit flabbergasted.”

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