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‘It’s quite intimidating’: Jake Trbojevic wary of Suncorp Stadium’s atmosphere

Nothing centres the soul and focuses the mind quite like walking barefoot on hallowed turf, allowing the soles of your feet to soak up the natural, gentle energy of Mother Gaia, stabilising your body’s bioelectrical systems.

Earthing, as the practice is known.

Or so says Brad ‘Freddy’ Fittler and New South Wales disciples, all of whom are converted to the cause.

“We had a really good session and then we did a lap of the field in bare feet,” Blues front-rower Jake Trbojevic told David Morrow and Mat Thompson on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“It’s been good and it’s obviously one of Freddy’s things that he likes, all the boys really buy into and we get a good laugh out of it, it’s always good when you enjoy each other’s company,”

If the Blues are lucky, the Earth’s gentle energy absorbed through the feet will create a barrier between the players and the hostile environment that is Lang Park when it’s packed to the gills with one-eyed Queenslanders.

“It’s quite intimidating, it’s really steep and everyone is giving it to you, and it’s all Maroon,”

“It is a great atmosphere, it’s really good, I had my debut up there and it was so, so exciting,

“It’s tough to win up there, they always put in a great performance, they’re very physical and they really want to win at home,

“It’s going to be really tough and we’ve got to get all of the little things right, hopefully it can all come off,”

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