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Jack’s manager admits lack of communication with coaching staff

The news of Shayna Jack’s positive test result has nearly been overshadowed by the secrecy and handling from Jack’s team and Swimming Australia, news which has baffled the public.

“I actually haven’t spoken to Dean,” states Shayna Jack’s manager Phillip Stoneman on communicating with Coach Dean Boxall, the revelation confusing hosts David Morrow and Mat Thompson.

“Wouldn’t it be prudent to speak to the coach? Does he have anything do with what supplements she takes?” Ask Morrow.

“It’s not my role to speak to the coach,” states Stoneman.

“My job is to look after our client and that’s Shayna, and all my focus is really just on her at the moment.”

Swimming Australia CEO Leigh Russell states that Jack wanted to share this information but wanted to balance it with the needs of the team competing at the Swimming World Championships.

Image: Delly Carr / Contributor via Getty Images

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