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Jamie Cox expresses interest in CA high performance role

Former Australian national cricket selector Jamie Cox has expressed interest in one of the new roles in the Team Performance department at Cricket Australia.

CA announced last week that following the resignation of Pat Howard, the team performance role will be split into two jobs: Executive General Manager of High Performance and an Executive General Manager of National Teams.

Cox – the second highest run scorer in Sheffield Shield history – has been linked with the role and told Macquarie Sports Radio he was interested:

“No I haven’t been approached. I would be interested in understanding more about both roles.

“The game is very dear to me. I’ve sat on the fringe of the game now for a while and I think sitting for 5 years outside cricket you do develop some different insights and if the opportunity arose to come back in and influence it would certainly be of interest.

“They’re interesting roles at a very interesting time in Australian cricket.”

However he denied reports that former Australian captain Mark ‘Tubby’ Taylor has been earmarked for the EGM of National Teams job and Cox was set to work with him as EGM of High Performance:

“I don’t know anything of that and I certainly haven’t spoken to Tubby.

“Having followed it over the past few months, a hell of a lot of names have been attached to those roles. How I relate that is people just sitting down and speculating. Look I don’t know where that comes from – I can certainly tell you it hasn’t come from me – and no one that I’m aware of.

“I understand there is a process occurring and that’s about as much as I know.”

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