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Jason Stevens puts a finger on the Grand Final to forget

Two-time Grand Finalist Jason Stevens joined Clinton Maynard to talk all things Grand Finals including his preview for the 2019 decider, and what went wrong in the 1993 final.

Playing for the St George Dragons at the time, Stevens featured in his first final aged 20, in a losing effort against the Brisbane Broncos, in which he injured his thumb tackling Glenn Lazarus.

“Myself and David Barnhill put a good shot on Glenn Lazarus but I soon discovered why they called him the Brick with Eyes. I looked down at my thumb and I literally saw it hanging off”

It wasn’t your regular thumb injury, Stevens was forced to go straight to hospital.

“When I went back to the dressing room our doctor looked at it and called the ambulance out of fear of an infection. In fact it was hanging off so thinly he was afraid I could lose it.

I had micro surgery while the game was on… So everything went wrong for us to be honest with you,” he added.