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Jimmy Bartel believes Toby Greene evidence was inconclusive

GWS board member and Geelong legend Jimmy Bartel has had his say on the AFL tribunal’s decision to uphold Toby Greene’s suspension.

Bartel made it clear that his opinion was likely to be seen as conflicted given his position with GWS but he did highlight the opinions given by other AFL greats, legends and media personalities from around the game. Bartel listed the following icon’s thoughts:

Matthew Richardson – “Give me a spell.”

Daniel Harford – “Manifestly unjust.”

Wayne Carey – “Think what you want about him but you can’t get a week for doing that.”

Nathan Brown – “The Toby Greene suspension is embarrassing. Less evidence, poor vision than the week before and you hand him a week. This is unjust.”

Graham Cornes – “This seriously must be the most unjust one game suspension in the history of the game. Yes you can be a serial pest but surely you have to commit the crime to get the time.”

Bartel added that “AFL greats, legends and media – and this is not me, I haven’t made a comment – are highlighting a lot of the things that are wrong with this outcome.”

“Whatever you think about what Toby Greene has done in the weeks before, our system says that doesn’t matter, you have to put the headphones on and just look at that case.”

“The evidence is inconclusive from the footage so the evidence was Lachie Neale and Lachie Neale said he didn’t get contact in the eyes, so how can you then say the evidence was vague.”

Mark Levy then questioned the makeup of the three-man tribunal saying, “I’m not going to call into question the panel members, but I do want to know why two of the three AFL panelists are ex-Collingwood players considering GWS are playing the Magpies this weekend.”

“Again I’m not calling into question their integrity, but to think that a huge decision like this rests in the hands of two former Collingwood players when this weekend GWS play Collingwood, that does not pass the pub test.”

Former NRL player Mark Riddell then posed the question, “If they pick from a pool of former players, why would the AFL even put themselves in that position to have that questioned in the first place?”