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Jimmy Bartel UNLEASHES on score review system and footy boss Steve Hocking after controversial incident

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GWS Giants footy director hasn’t held back in his criticism of the AFL’s under-fire score review system after another controversial incident on Thursday night.

Despite Giants defender Adam Kennedy appearing to touch the ball late in the fourth quarter off Shaun McKernan’s boot as it sailed through the goal, the decision wasn’t overturned.

Essendon went on to the win the by six points after Cale Hooker kicked the winner with 19 seconds left in the match.

Bartel said he was once again left immensely frustrated at the process behind the system, which the league has admitted will be tinkered with before the start of the season.

“What frustrates me the most is you’re either blatantly lying to us or you’re so inept at your job someone’s got to pay for it,” he told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“Don’t tell the general public that you review every goal because clearly you don’t, that’s the frustrating thing.

“It took us five seconds on the coverage last night to go ‘actually we should have a look at this’.

“I’ve got to preface this (by saying) everyone knows my involvement in the Giants, this is not a Giants thing.

“You guys know my angst towards the bunker and score review system because it’s been happening all year.”

Bartel lashed AFL football boss Steve Hocking’s lack of public acknowledgment around the big issues facing the game at the moment.

He said he can’t understand why he isn’t heard from more.

“Whoever the football operations manager is of the AFL, we don’t see you or hear you,” he said.

“We have Dane Rampe climbing a goal post, we don’t hear from you. We have players abusing umpires and we don’t hear from you.

“You dump six lousy rules on us but you’ll spruik them and AFLX.

“It’s you’re brief and remit, talk to the fans and (explain) why you keep stuffing this up.”

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