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Jimmy Bartel’s got a solution to fix Geelong form slump

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy

Geelong great Jimmy Bartel is urging the Cats to play quicker footy as they look to re-capture their early-season form.

Chris Scott’s side were toppled by Fremantle by 34 points in Perth on Saturday and have now lost three of their last five matches.

Bartel said Geelong were playing “mind-nummingly slow” footy, imploring them to quicken up their ball movement.

“They are clearly in a rut and in a bit of a form slump,” he said.

“It’s their ball movement, that’s the big thing that’s been their major concern.

“They’re stifling their own ball movement as much as the opposition is doing it to them, they’re not scoring as much and they’re going slow.

“There’s a stat that sides often look at and it’s play on percentage from marks and free kicks.

“Geelong’s play on percentage was a season-low of eight per cent (against Fremantle) and that’s actually a hard thing to do because you accidentally play on eight per cent of the time.

“That means you’re playing mind-numingly slow and it’s hurting them because they’ve got a really good attack and they’re just standing there and not getting enough ball movement or supply.

“They need to be braver and take a few more risks.”

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Piggy, Levy & Jimmy