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Josh McGuire should be banned for 8-10 weeks: Lazarus

Five-time Rugby League Premiership winner Glenn Lazarus has blasted Josh McGuire for his eye gouge on Cameron Munster in the Cowboys NRL loss on Friday night.

As Munster was getting up to play the ball during the first half of the match in Townsville, McGuire appeared to push his index finger into the Storm five eighth’s eye socket.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio, Lazarus couldn’t believe McGuire’s actions.

“Not once did I ever have it cross my mind to eye gouge somebody”, Lazarus said.

“That is the most dog act I’ve ever seen.

“He’s a repeat offender. He should’ve got at least 8-10 weeks for what he did. That was an absolute disgrace.

“He thought about it and then he did it. It wasn’t an accidental poke in the eye. He deliberately went in to eye gouge Cameron Munster.

“If that goes horribly wrong, Cameron Munster loses his eyesight in one of his eyes. Honestly, we need to stamp this sort of stuff out and stamp it out now.”

The title winner with the Raiders, Broncos and Storm was also flabbergasted at the penalty handed down by the NRL Judiciary: a $3,500 fine.

“The problem is of course the NRL have washed their hands of this decision making”, Lazarus said.

“$3,500 is nothing to a player that’s on 7, 8, 9 hundred thousand dollars a year. He needed to get a massive penalty because not only is it one of the worst things you can do on a footy field, he’s a repeat offender. He continues to do these ridiculous things and getting away with it.”

Listen to Glenn Lazarus’ comments below:

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