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Josh Reynolds: ‘If Shayna Jack has been misled, what happens there?’

Wests Tigers star Josh Reynolds has admitted he feels sorry for Australian swimmer Shayna Jack if she has been misled on what supplements she’s been consuming.

It comes as Jack is under an ASADA investigation after having tested positive in both her A and B sample drug tests to banned substance, Ligandrol.

Jack had previously withdrawn from the FINA World Championships in South Korea while she was under investigation, although details of it were only made public in the last week.

A fellow professional athlete himself, Reynolds told Macquarie Sports Radio’s Halftime you’ve got to know exactly what you’re taking.

“You put so much trust in the trainers and what they give you,” Reynolds said.

“They obviously give you so much advice about what to do and what not to do and from a young age for me, I’ve just never gone away from what they’ve said because you do trust them.

“She’s going to get a two-year ban at least and if she’s listening to people who have led her down that path then what happens there?

“I feel so bad for her if that’s the case, if she wasn’t cheating and she didn’t know then I honestly feel bad for her.

“The only thing I would say is you’ve just got to know exactly what you’re taking.”

The 20-year-old has released a statement maintaining she didn’t know how she ingested the drug.


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Image credit: Delly Carr/Getty Images.