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Josh Reynolds opens up over loss of twins

An emotional Josh Reynolds has revealed how he is grappling with the grief of losing his twins just weeks before his partner Bella was due to give birth.

The Tigers five-eighth has experienced an interrupted season due to injury and a battle for selection with Benji Marshall, but on-field challenges pale into insignificance when compared to the heart-wrenching struggle he and his partner are dealing with away from the game.

“To get to where we were, pretty deep in, and for it to all come crashing down all of a sudden, it hurt mate, it really did,” Reynolds tells James Willis on Halftime.

“To see [Bella] her break down was hard for me, and being her partner I wanted to be there for her, and if she has fallen I just want to pick her up,”

Reynolds’ heartbreaking story was made public this week and despite the overwhelming grief, some solace is taken from being able to share his experience with others.

“For me to come out and speak about this stuff has honestly been a blessing in disguise,”

“The amount of feedback and support we’ve been getting from people is phenomenal, I’m so glad I’ve been able to speak about this,

“I feel there’s a bit of a stigma around it, you don’t want to talk about it with anyone, you don’t know why, but I feel when it happens to you, so many people come up to you and say ‘we’e been through this,

“Honestly, I actually feel really good inside – and Bel does too – that we’ve bought this to the table,

“For people who are out there going through this, you’re not alone.”

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