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‘Just shut the bloody roof’: Jimmy Bartel doubles down on Marvel Stadium criticism

Levy, Riddell & Bartel

Geelong great Jimmy Bartel says he can’t understand why Marvel Stadium’s roof was left open on Saturday.

While it was a sunny day in Melbourne, the orientation of the ground means sunlight impeddes the view of both fans inside the ground and those watching on TV.

After calling it the “dumbest stadium ever” in March, Bartel doubled down on his criticism, telling Macquarie Sports Radio the roof should remain shut for all games.

He said it was “borderline stupid” to keep the roof open during day games.

“The ground is built the wrong way,” he said.

“What they’ve done now is build all these high-rise building right up against (the ground) which means you get all these beaming lights (that shine off from the buildings) as well.

“It helped absolutely no one on Saturday – I’m watching the warm-up and Brisbane Lions players have got hats on.

“They were wearing hats because they couldn’t see the football coming at them.

“Just shut the bloody roof you bloody idiot.

“There was not one person that benefited from having the roof open.”

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Levy, Riddell & Bartel