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Lacklustre Goal Kicking Plaguing The AFL

Image: ABC

Top players in the AFL are being plagued by poor goal kicking skills.

That’s according to 3AW commentator Matty Granland, who told Mieke and Billy set shot goal kicking in the top competition is a skill “that’s going backwards.”

“I think practice makes perfect…[if] you talk to Matty Lloyd who is part of the 3AW team, he spent a lot of time down at Essendon and he said the players just don’t spend that much time on that part of their game,” he said.

“There should be more time spent by players in front of goal, just plying their trade with goal kicking – it’s one of those things that frustrates fans.”

Granland also blamed what he called “a defensive arm wrestle” for keeping scores low in the majority of the Round 16 clashes.

“Coaches are now coaching defence over attack, and I just don’t think it’s a good look for the game.  Scores are down to the lowest they’ve been since the 60’s at the moment – you rarely see teams kick over 100 points,” he said.