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Lazarus disappointed at Seibold’s signing

The NRL coaching saga looks a little clearer today with the Brisbane Broncos announcing the signing of Anthony Seibold to a four year contract starting from 2020

The signing means that the Broncos and the Rabbitohs are set to be in the peculiar situation in 2019 of having both head coaches set to do a straight swap in 2020.

Broncos legend Glenn Lazarus weighed into the debate on the Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast this morning, “So we’re going to have a situation if this doesn’t happen next year (Bennett and Seibold changing clubs) that Wayne will be recruiting for Souths and Anthony will be recruiting for the Broncos for 2020. It just doesn’t sit well with anybody and the fact that the relationship between Wayne and Paul White is untenable it’s not a good working environment.”

Lazarus added, “I think it will happen (Bennett and Seibold changing clubs a year early). I just can’t see any reasons why they would stay. If it’s money well i’m sure they could come to some arrangement with that.”

The signing of Seibold was controversial for many reasons, most notably because the Broncos chose to overlook club legend and current QLD coach Kevin Walters for the top job, a decision that didn’t sit well with Lazarus, “My issue with the whole thing is i’m a little bit disappointed that Kevin Walters wasn’t given an opportunity. They’ve signed Anthony and i’ve got nothing against Anthony. I’m sure he’s a good guy and a great coach and all that sort of thing. I mean this guy has had one season in the NRL as coach. His team didn’t go as well as many would have liked towards the end (of the season)”

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