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Leigh Matthews adamant coaches need to educate players more on new rules

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Coaching great Leigh Matthews is baffled some players still aren’t across the league’s new rules.

One of the new interpretations which made headlines over the weekend was the new 50m penalty rule, where players are now allowed to play on at any point while the umpire is setting the new mark.

If an opposition player impedes for any reason, umpires have been directed to pay a second 50m penalty.

Previously, players were forced to stop running at full speed while the umpire set the mark.

Matthews told Macquarie Sports Radio it was up to coaches to educate their players.

“I watched it once and I thought – the bloody idiot wasn’t listening at the (rule) briefing,” he said.

“The umpires know the rules better than anyone but the people who have to know the rules and interpretations second to the umpires are the players.

“If the coaches are any good, they’ll make sure their players (are aware) but they continue to re-inforce it.

“If you’re a coach of any substance, wouldn’t you be making sure the players know the rules?

“Players can be very dumb about the uptake sometimes.”

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