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Leigh Matthews can’t see any downside to 6-6-6

In an off season of considerable AFL rule changes, the 6-6-6 rule is the most noticeable.

With pre season nearly over and the Premiership proper just a few weeks away, Legend of the game Leigh Matthews spoke to Macquarie Sports Radio and wholeheartedly applauded the rule which requires players to take set positions at centre bounces:

“If you went to the footy 20 or 30 years ago, that’s what happened.

“In the modern era of this last 10 or 20 years the AFL game has changed more – from visually looking at it from the stands at professional level – than the previous hundred years.

“As we know AFL doesn’t have a line of scrimmage, doesn’t have an offside rule, so players can go anywhere. I think the powers that be – and I support them totally – have decided let’s see if we can make them separate a little bit more and have even numbers pretty much all over the field.

“I think it’s a fantastic initiative. Effectively what it’s doing is it’s stopping the option of coaches saying ‘no, we don’t trust our defence one on one. We’re going to put an extra couple of players in’.

“So I can see absolutely no downside.”

However the man who won four Premierships as a player and another four as a coach doesn’t think that the 6-6-6 rule is a silver bullet for congestion:

“I think it’s going to be a small step in that direction of trying to spread the players out over the playing field a little bit more than we often see in recent times at professional AFL level.”

Listen to Leigh’s comments below: