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Leigh Matthews says North should wait until season’s end to decide Shaw’s future

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Coaching great Leigh Matthews is calling for calm amid calls to appoint North Melbourne caretaker coach Rhyce Shaw as a permanent boss straight away.

Shaw has won three of his four games as senior coach, including impressive wins over Richmond and Collingwood.

But Matthews isn’t convinced as of yet, telling Macquarie Sports Radio the club should only make a call of Shaw’s future at the end of the season.

“It’s amazing how a new voice at the top of the footy department stimulates a better performance,” he said.

“Sometimes you hear stupid (things) like people saying ‘they’ve had a few good weeks, appoint them senior coach straight away’.

“Wait and see what happens for the next couple of months and make your decision later in the year.

“The caretaker coach as often happens gets a bit of a stimulation from the team but these things tend to be pretty short-term.

“If they keep going for three months and the caretaker coach has impressed you, then appoint them.

“But it’s not a decision to be made after a few weeks.”

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