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GWS Giants coach remains philosophical on AFLX

Hour of Power

GWS Giants coach Leon Cameron says the second year of AFLX is a further step into the unknown.

The draft was held on Wednesday night, with 14 players being picked for four franchises.

Cameron said the four franchises playing a round-robin tournament was “unknown” but he stopped short of criticising the AFL’s bold venture.

“I take my hat off (to the AFL) for trying things,” he told the Hour of Power.

“I was sitting watching the draft last night and saw the four captains who belt eachother on weekends but they were sitting there and picking players from other sides, it was quite unique.”

Cameron said despite high-profile GWS players Phil Davis, Stephen Coniglio, Lachie Whitfield and Jeremy Cameron being selected for the event, he still supported the AFL in its expansion of the game.

“They’ve got four of our boys, I’ve got my fingers crossed that nothing happens to,” he said.

“If you don’t evolve and look to try things, we’ll stay still.

“The AFL have gone down this track and we support that.”

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Hour of Power