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“Less talk, more action” – Simon Hill’s plea to the new FFA board

After much deliberation and political posturing the FFA has finally settled on it’s new board

Foxsports football commentator Simon Hill has been outspoken in his calls for transparency when deciding on the new board.

Speaking on the Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast show Hill was relieved the process had come to an end, “To be honest I don’t care who the people are on the board i’m just pleased it’s over. I think the identities (of the board members) are sort of immaterial. The whole point of this process for us in the media was to actually hold some of these people to account and we’ve not been able to do that over the last few years.”

The finalising of the new board is only the beginning of what Hill sees as a very important time in Australian Football, “The process behind the scenes has been political. We knew that was going to be the case, that’s unfortunate, its undesirable. There are some good candidates that missed out such as Craig Foster. However nothing is ever perfect and it’s a start. So now it’s done, it’s time for action. Less talk, more action because there’s a lot to do in this game”

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