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Levy “can’t believe” how little money junior soccer is getting

Levy Lets Fly

Mark Levy is in disbelief about the discrepancy in government junior sports funding in Australia.

As alluded to by Andy Harper on Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast yesterday, soccer receives just $37 per participant from the government.

That compared to $113 for Rugby, $110 for NRL, $109 for AFL and $55 for cricket.

Levy said Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer’s explanation for the disparity wasn’t good enough.

“(Palmer’s) stated the discrepancy between the codes is because the larger, self sufficient sports, don’t need the funding because they can look after themselves,” he said.

“Given that logic, why are the Rugby League participants getting nearly three-times as much as those people wanting to play soccer?

“The Sport Australia boss also talks about the footprint – it doesn’t get any bigger when it comes to soccer, yet they only receive $37 dollars per person.

The numbers of juniors playing the sport are through the roof so surely it’s time for the state and federal sports ministers to find the necessary cash to ensure there’s parity between the sporting codes.

“These politicians always seem to find the money for big announcements in the lead up to an election so here’s the chance to win back some voter confidence, especially from parents who want to enroll their kids in football.”

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