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Levy Lets Fly: Overseas NRL advertising a “ridiculous” waste of money

Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast


Mark Levy isn’t happy with the NRL’s bold US advertising campaign.

The league recently launched multiple billboards in Atlanta – home of next Monday’s Superbowl – poking fun at America’s insistence to call their sport teams ‘world champions’ when they win a domestic competition.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg recently said the cheeky campaign had “turned heads” in America.

But Levy told Breakfast it was a “ridiculous” waste of money.

“If you stood outside the stadium on Monday and asked the locals who the Sydney Roosters are, I doubt one in 100 people would know or care about Rugby League,” he said.

“NRL Head of Commercial Andrew Abdo says it’s a tongue in cheek way of promoting the NRL on the eve of the 2019 premiership and he thinks it’ll encourage American football fans to make inquiries about our game.

“In my view, that’s a complete load of rubbish.”

Levy said the NRL should instead should their attention on the game in Australia, which he says needs help.

“Instead of promoting the NRL to a local audience here, especially those who invest their hard-earned money each and every weekend, Mr Abdo is advertising a foreign product in the United States,” he said.

“They’re doing nothing to promote the game in Australia, they’re instead investing money in billboards in the United States.

“I’m all for sharing our Australian sports with the rest of the world but we can’t do that until the code is firing on all cylinders in this country.”

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