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Levy Lets Fly: Unrecognised Australian sporting stars need more funding

Levy Lets Fly

Mark Levy has called for some of Australia’s lower-profile athletes to be handed more funding.

High-profile AFL and NRL stars have no problem being signed up to lucrative sponsorship deals but Levy said it was time some of our brightest athletes who go for gold at the Olympics every four years or take place in annual events such as the Tour de France to receive more backing.

He said it was time these athletes receive more mainstream coverage outside of an Olympics cycle or annual race.

“We support and encourage these people but instead they get absolutely nothing,” he said.

“Think about some of the great moments we’ve celebrated in the past, think about the sports we watch every four years and never hear another word about.

“A couple that spring to mind are the Hockeyroos and the Kookaburras which are 2 of our most decorated teams — but we never hear about them.

“Jess Fox, who’s a world champion and Olympic silver medalist, do we ever hear about the success she’s having in the canoe kayak world?

“Athletics and Swimming is the same, we’ve got track stars like Jack Hale who hardly rate a mention in the mainstream media.

Speaking on Breakfast, Levy said it was important not to forgot these athletes who largely ply their trade overseas, adding it was important to keep funding less-known sports so kids have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

“Australians love their sport and we’ll celebrate and support anyone competing on the world stage but they need your help,” he said.

“Let’s not forget about the other sports who are struggling to survive and finding it tough to keep the talented young stars involved.

“I sometimes wonder how many kids with potential are forced to give it all away, because the cost of the sport becomes too much.”

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Levy Lets Fly