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Levy Lets Fly – Virat Kohli celebrates: incredible passion or bad sportsmanship?

If you’ve watched Virat Kohli play, you’ll know that wears his heart on the sleeve and shows what it means to play for his country.

This morning on the Macquarie Sports Breakfast Show, host Mark Levy had a bit to say on those that “are intent on shooting him down for displaying that fire in the belly and incredible passion.”

So are his post match antics just incredible passion or is it a petulant display of bad sportsmanship and arrogance?

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If you want to hear or see if Levy Lets Fly on the issue, click on the links below –

So Virat Kohli @imVkohli is getting some heat for the way he celebrates when taking a wicket.. Do you have a problem with it? #cricket #test

— Mark Levy & Mark Riddell (@LevyandRiddell) December 10, 2018